terça-feira, 25 de novembro de 2014

sonho lúcido pra que te quero

in my dream we have a tour van
packed all up with instruments
us and the guys we drive in the sun
blasting the stereo and smoking pot
you and me we touch all the time like we used to
sometimes legs, sometimes hugs, sometimes hands
i run my fingers through your curls
and look into your chayote eyes without shame
and they look back into mine
squeezed in a smile
we grab coffee and hot dogs
and you lick the ketchup drop I spilled on my thigh
like it's no big deal
at the motel we have a few beers and play for hours
then we lay and kiss and cuddle and love
and it's never embarrasing or weird
even less both, like now

(só dá pra postar porque não dói mais, acho que estou raqueando. mas que coisa, hein)

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